Supported Scaffold

Supported Scaffolds consist of one or more platforms supported by outriggers, beams, brackets, poles, legs, uprights, posts, frames, or similar rigid supports.


Shoring equipment provides temporary support of structures during construction, demolition, & reconstruction


Temporary Access and Egress

When your project relies on getting to an area that is either elevated or below grade with limited means of access or egress, then a stair scaffold may be your answer.

Debris Chutes

The removal of debris from roofs, floors or other elevated areas is made simpler with the use of a debris chute.

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For over 60 years Safety Scaffolds, Inc. has been establishing relationships not just with our clients, but with our suppliers and vendors as well. These connections have allowed us to develop a refined process for meeting and exceeding your access needs. Our team is experienced in reducing the time and cost associated with scaffolding on your next project.


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